Healing is your r(evolution). Transformation is your birthright.

Crisálida Healing & Transformation

I am here for your embodied liberation.

*I am currently full and am unable to take new clients at the time and feel free to contact me for more information about future openings*

 “We tend to think of healing as something binary: either we’re broken or we’re healed from that brokenness. But that’s not how healing operates, and it’s almost never how human growth works. More often, healing and growth take place on a continuum, with innumerable points between utter brokenness and total health.”

~ Resmaa Menakem ~


Hello. My name is Paloma. 

Thank you for considering me to be part of your journey. I honor your strength, courage, and determination in getting here today, and your desire to access therapy as part of your healing journey. I am here to support your journey in collaboration with you. I am here as witness, as a resource, as a reflection, and a motivator in your journey. I will provide and hold the space for you to engage in the healing and transformative work that resonates with who you are, in all you are, and what you need. I will support you through finding a more grounded, creative, fierce, loving, and embodied presence within yourself. I will support you in connecting to, knowing better, and honoring you; as you are your most powerful healer.  I am here to honor your wholeness, helping you to build a deeper resilience and empowered self in the face of injustice, trauma, pain, stress, grief, loss, and feeling stuck. I am here for your healing (r)evolution and liberation.

I believe your being and your healing is sacred.

I will support you in the deep honoring of this.

"Courage is necessary to make being and becoming possible."

~ Rollo May ~

Crisálida means the transformative process of the chrysalis to a butterfly.

The caterpillar, when it is born, is comprised of all it needs to transform into their intended being, and understands innately how to sustain and evolve through their transformation into a butterfly.

As a crisálida the caterpillar transforms from one lifeway and being into another, they remain their essential self, though they become radically different in how they will live.

Crisálida is the process that happens at the sacred center of our beings, the place we hold our innate power and where we take on the (r)evolution of healing and growth.

I believe you already have everything within you to undertake your healing and transformation and I am here to partner with you in the journey and continue to offer what will support you to heal and thrive.

While your past will remain a part of your story and changes in life remain constant, what you ultimately become, because of, in response to, and in powerful creation through the journey that is your crisálida and your greatest becoming.

"These mountains you are carrying, you were only meant to climb."

~ Najwa Zebian ~

Therapy is a way to create your own vision of the unfolding, letting go, and becoming.

You are deserving of telling your story.

You are deserving of being seen and being heard.

You are deserving of living delightfully whole in your body.

You are deserving of living your truth.

You are deserving of dignity and respect.

You are deserving of connection, community, and loving relationships.

You are deserving of understanding more of your gifts and unique value.

You are deserving of trusting yourself and listening to your inner guides.

You are deserving of healing.

You are deserving of transformation.

I honor your courage in being here.

Land Acknowledgment

As a visitor from the Southwest high desert, as a Xicana/Mestiza raised on Tewa, Diné, and Mescalero Apache lands and as a politicized healer who values liberation, I am humble to currently reside and offer healing on the ancestral and present lands of the Coast Salish peoples, and specifically the unceded, occupied land of the Duwamish and Suquamish peoples, territory also called Seattle, Washington. I hold this space to acknowledge, pay my respects to, and deeply honor all Native and Indigenous communities and peoples as the original caretakers of these lands, sacred lands in which they have long nurtured, gathered deep wisdom to thrive and heal by, and have survived and continue to resist colonial violence in. It is in gratitude and acknowledgment of this that I pay Real Rent to the Duwamish in support of their rights to sovereignty, and in recognition of them as rightful caretakers and guides of this place I currently call home. I offer support to organizations, services, practices, policies, and peoples that center and elevate the knowledge, wisdom, expertise, traditional and modern skills, community based resources, and accessible, culturally resonant and community centered care for the healing and wellbeing of all Native, Indigenous, First Nations, and Aboriginal Peoples. In the spirit of healing and respect, Ometeotl.