Group Therapy Services
Seattle, WA

I offer therapeutic and healing groups for individuals around various topics.

Information about current groups will be listed on this page. 

Interested in a Group?

The first thing to getting started is a consultation and intake If you are not already an established client, it is important to meet with me for a consultation and intake before registering for a group I am offering. I want to make sure you have an understanding of what the group is about, determine your goals for group therapy, answer any questions, register and sign a confidentiality form and ultimately determine if it is a good fit for you and the group as a whole. If you are not an established client, call or email to schedule a 20-minute phone consultation. During the consultation we will schedule an intake appointment. If you are an established client, we can do the consultation and registration in one of our sessions together.

*I require new clients who are interested in group therapy to meet with me for consultation and intake. This does not mean you will automatically be accepted into a group. This appointment will be used to determine if the group is a good fit for you and to explore all your options for therapy depending on your needs and goals.

For Structured Groups for the initial group session we will focus on getting to know one another, identifying collective group agreements, discussing therapeutic goals, and going over the schedule and group process. A structured group is one where there is some type of clear format, curriculum or plan that we will follow weekly and we will be tracking our process and progress goals.

For Open Groups there is more fluidity in group dynamics and topics. This also means different people may be joining at any given time. Though these groups will often be aimed at specific communities or to address specific concerns, and I will have consulted with attendees prior to them attending a group, the group dynamics may change on a weekly basis.

For Truth to Power Groups there is a deeply collaborative but also clearly articulated timeframe, planning, and vision. These groups are an expressive arts process and are intended to be therapeutic thorough collective healing, collaborative visions for change, and generally (but not always) ending in a public/community presentation, performance, witnessing. The purpose of these groups are to create spaces for collective and community-centered healing and supporting those who want to speak truth to their power in a creative, expressive arts, collaborative and witnessed way.

All available and current groups will be posted on this page or through word of mouth through client and professional connections. Contact me for more information.

Group Rates

I only accept private pay. I do not accept insurance for groups. You are responsible for any and all charges incurred in our work together. I will keep your credit card on file and it will be charged at the end of each session. I utilize two HIPAA compliant payment systems, Stripe by Simple Practice and Ivy Pay. I also accept cash at the time of service, but this must be discussed with me ahead of time as I will still request to have on file a credit or debit card.

for Structured Groups the fee is $60 for per session. For an 8-12 week group, I can offer a discounted price of $420 (8 weeks) or $650 (12 weeks), with a payment plan depending on your need and the group size.

for Group Initial Consultation & Intake for New Clients fee is $75 for a 60 min. intake for new clients. Please call for a free 20-minute consultation prior to scheduling your intake session.

for Open Group Sessions fee is $65 per session each time you attend.

for Truth to Power Group fees may vary from no cost to the price of supplies and cost of spaces needed for hosting, divided among the group, as determined by need and ability to contribute. Full transparency of cost will be made upon registration for the group.

Cancellation Policy for Group Attendance

Once you are an established client, I will schedule your group attendance through the Secure Client Portal. If you need to cancel your attendance at a group you will need to contact me via phone or email as soon as possible.

Current Groups Listed Here

*There are no current groups at this time.  Please check back for groups in the future.