When we heal ourselves, we heal each other, when we heal each other, we heal community.

In addition to being a psychotherapist and clinical social worker with individuals, and consistent with my values of being a politicized healer, I am dedicated to community centered and integrative practices of care, support, collaboration, and consultation.
If you are a professional, a community member, an organization or business, an activist or healer and interested in collaborating, or receiving consultation or training, please contact me to discuss what you have in mind and to request a copy of my curriculum vitae. Here are some of the services I offer:

Workshops and Training


Facilitation and Critical Intergroup Dialogues

Restorative Justice and Mediation Services

Individual and Systems Advocacy

Expressive Arts Community Projects & Groups

Equity & Social Justice in Organizational Development

Community and Equity Centered Strategic Planning

Research Support

The following are specialties for community work that I have direct experience and practice with. This is not a comprehensive list or detail of my professional skills, knowledge, and experiences. As a social worker with over twenty years of experience in social services, advocacy, and activism, working within collective, grass-roots, and non-profit organizations, state and county systems, boards and commissions, working with community is my passion, in addition to my work with individuals. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a collaboration,  consultation, or training and if would like a copy of my curriculum vitae and references. 


  • Culturally responsive and integrative healing
  • Multicultural psychology
  • Trauma informed care & healing centered engagement
  • Intimate partner violence and abuse
  • Interpersonal violence and abuse in the caregiving relationship
  • Vulnerable/resilient adult abuse
  • Trauma and people with intellectual, cognitive disabilities and neurodiversity
  • Clinical and community social work with people with intellectual, cognitive, and neurodiverse disabilities
  • Vicarious/secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, burnout
  • Healing through expressive arts modalities include visual art, collage, expressive writing and poetry, music, movement, 3D assemblage, altar making, mask making, photography, and weaving
  • Chronic illness and pain
  • Fierce embodiment for diverse bodies
  • End of life transition, presence, grieving, joyfulness and healing

Community Centered and Integrative Practice

  • Expressive arts for community centered practices of grieving, loss, and healing
  • Victim/Offender mediation and transformative justice
  • Intergroup and critical dialogue facilitation
  • Facilitation for conflict resolution and transformation
  • Restorative Justice
  • Community Based Participatory Research

Social Justice

  • Anti-racism, race consciousness,  and racial justice
  • Disability justice and accessibility
  • Anti-oppressive social work practices
  • Intersectionality
  • Microaggressions
  • Internalized oppression
  • Politicized healing in clinical practice
  • Fatphobia and body policing


  • Individual and systems advocacy
  • Program management and evaluation
  • Non-profit and medical industrial complex
  • Organizational development and strategic planning for non-profits
  • Community-centered policy advisory
  • Consulting on the design and implementation of interventions in human services
  • Human Rights Commissions
  • Community Bias/Hate Response Teams
  • Legal Observation Teams
  • Domestic Violence Councils
  • Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART)
  • Violent Crime Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT)