When we heal ourselves - we heal each other. When we heal each other - we heal our community. When we heal as community - we are able to better dream the steps to our collective liberation.

In addition to being a licensed clinical social worker offering therapy to individuals, and consistent with my values of being a politicized healer, I am dedicated to community centered and integrative practices of care, support, collaboration, and consultation.
If you are a professional, a community member, an organization, a business, an activist or healer, and interested in collaboration, consultation, or training, please contact me to discuss what you have in mind and to request a copy of my curriculum vitae.

Here are some general services I offer:

Workshops and training

Consultation in my Clinical and Professional Specialties

 Intergroup and Critical Dialogue Facilitation

Restorative Justice and Mediation Services

Individual and Systems Advocacy

Expressive Arts Community Projects & Healing Groups

Radical Justice Frameworks in Organizational Development

Community and Equity Centered Strategic Planning

Research & Academic Writing Support

The following are specialties for community work that I have direct experience and practice with. This is not a comprehensive list or detail of my professional skills, knowledge, and experiences. As a social worker with over twenty years of experience in social services, advocacy, and activism, working within collective, grass-roots, and non-profit organizations, state and county systems, boards and commissions, working with community towards justice and liberation is also passion of mine. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a collaboration, consultation, or training and if would like a copy of my curriculum vitae and references. 

Topics (examples)

  • Culturally responsive and integrative healing
  • Multicultural mental health and liberation psychology
  • Trauma informed and healing centered care for BIPoC, Disabled, LGBTQQIA folks
  • Intimate partner violence and abuse
  • Interpersonal violence and abuse in the caregiving relationship
  • Abuse of adults made vulnerable by systems and ableism
  • Psychiatric and institutional abuse survivors
  • Trauma and social work with people who are Neurodivergent, and/or intellectually/cognitively disabled
  • Vicarious/secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, burnout
  • Healing through creative and expressive arts modalities include visual art, collage, expressive writing and poetry, music, movement, 3D assemblage, altar making, mask making, photography, and weaving
  • Chronic illness and chronic pain
  • Support and healing for suicide attempt survivors and survivors of suicide loss
  • Fierce embodiment for diverse BIPoC bodies

Community Centered and Integrative Practice

  • Expressive arts for community centered practices of grieving, loss, and healing
  • Victim/Offender mediation
  • Transformative justice
  • Intergroup and critical dialogue facilitation
  • Facilitation for conflict resolution and transformation
  • Restorative Justice
  • Community Based Participatory Research

Social Justice

  • Anti-racism, race consciousness, and racial justice
  • Disability Justice, ableism, and accessibility/ADA
  • Anti-oppressive social work practices
  • Intersectionality and multiplicity
  • Microaggressions
  • Internalized oppression
  • Politicized healing in clinical practice
  • Fatphobia and body policing


  • Individual and systems advocacy
  • Program management and evaluation
  • Non-profit and medical industrial complex
  • Organizational development and strategic planning through a justice lens for non-profits
  • Community-centered policy advisory
  • Consultation on design and implementation of interventions in human services
  • Human Rights Commissions
  • Community Bias/Hate Response Teams
  • Legal Observation Teams
  • Domestic Violence Councils
  • Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART)
  • Violent Crime Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT)